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As a producer, writer and director, Terry Strauss has a keen sense of moving and effective ways to tell a story.  Raised with a filmmaker father and a belief that film can inspire and change attitudes, perhaps this work was inevitable.  But following graduation from UC Berkeley, she worked instead developing alternative Criminal Justice programs for the City of New York, some of which became national models.  She soon changed coasts and careers.


Following her return to the Bay Area, her first independent hour documentary special for the Disney Channel, THE MIND’S EYE: The Experience of Learning, aired every year for over a decade.  As co-creator, producer and director, her most recent series ULTIMATE RESTORATIONS, is airing nationally on public television and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 


In between, she’s produced programs for PBS, The Disney Channel, Lifetime, Corporate and Non-Profit organizations.  She’s told award-winning stories of people, given voice to issues of children, homelessness and social justice, and focused attention on differing social and cultural pieces of our gigantic human puzzle.


30 years in the making, she’s recently completed …AS IF THEY WERE ANGELS, the extraordinary story of one of the worst non-combat disasters in US Naval history. A deeply layered story of shipwreck, and rescue on the cliffs of Newfoundland, the film is screening in Film Festivals and independent theaters around the US, and is currently airing nationally in Canada, on CBC’s documentary channel.   



A series of 8, 1 hour programs about the restoration of grand historic icons -- a 1901
steam yacht, 1891 steam locomotive, the world’s largest pipe organ, WWII spy plane & a
1927 Ahrens Fox fire truck, among others, -- focusing on the history of the era, the
characters, and the craftsmanship involved in rescuing and bringing these objects back to

"What is work anyway but to feed the fun of life."

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